Ayres Rock and GPS

From Vid (India 2) not uploaded:

Here Brian basically admits/believes he is also Ares God of War

Strong’s G697 – Areios pagos
From Ares (the name of the Greek deity of war) and a derivative of (G4078)

Areopagus = “martial peak”
1) a rocky height in the city of Athens, opposite the western end of the Acropolis toward the west.
This hill belonged to (Ares) Mars and was called Mar’s Hill


which has what to do with Ayers Rock ‘Uluru’ in Australia? the reference above is talking about Athens. Brian in his Narcissistic mind has claimed it as his rock. The Aborigines (who named it ‘Uluru’) believe that there it is hollow below ground, and that there is an energy source that they call ‘Tjukurpa’ the dream time…. then Ayers Rock was named for the Premier of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers.

( Notice also how brian constantly misspells Ayers as Ayres often in vids, comments and articles, on purpose No doubt to fabricate that he is associated with Ares God of War, its somewhat like inserting a subliminal message)


Subject: Ayres 1

Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 15:40:43 +1000

Dear Connie and Thomas,

I have reviewed what I have sent you thus far and updated it to include my latest observations and conclusions. Michelle received her fathers discharge papers from the Australian Army dated December 20th 1944, the same date as his grand daughter Rhiannon born in 1979, being Michelle’s youngest daughter. The numbers line up with the end of time December 20th 2012 and based on that Michelle asked me to investigate further her parents. Her mother outlived her father and remarried moving into a small condo on Main Street Eltham, not far from here, in fact she owned the condo we are in now as Michelle inherited it from her mother, therefore she was divinely manipulated to buy both properties. The address for her mothers condo is 666 Main Road Eltham, the distance is 5.12 kilometers and we have the length of my forearm and the Phi formula. (sq root of 5 add 1 divide by 2 = Phi). All of these events occurred without the slightest awareness of the people concerned, and so it is with all of those I have observed to play a role in what we now know is the DNA of creation, so to speak.

The same applies to Grant, he likewise is involved with me yet cannot grasp what stands before him and runs off casting out demons in strange locations unaware he is full of them himself in the form of a mental disorder. However a good example of how the Almighty gets things done is what has happened at Ayres Rock, Grant in going there with a cult was caused to occur for a reason, coming at a time just after Michelle suggested we should go ourselves. Michelle has trouble grasping why Grant was compelled to go as opposed to ourselves as he becomes a witness and had I been there it could be said I caused the tracks to be placed in the GPS even though it cannot be done.

As I had predicted to Michelle, the instructions I had given Grant on how to use the GPS when he arrived at Ayres Rock was ignored, yet a miracle occurred. Retracing his steps, he arrived at Ayres Rock on the afternoon of March 17th 2005, switched the GPS on at the airport then switched it off for the remainder of the strip, returning on the 22nd. On his first night there, the evening of the 17th at 6:09 PM. Grant took a photo of Ayers Rock from a considerable distance. The time is recorded on my camera I loaned him.

At that moment the star YBS1694 was directly over Ayres Rock.

GPS tracking is something that cannot be programmed into the Magellan Platinum GPS, but what Grant brought back with him is in keeping with how God gets things done, by that I mean a small child can be caused to do or say something that is a message for the wise and Grant in his innocence is the same, obsessed with strange idea’s, consumed by a mental illness and cult activities, a perfect candidate and so he was caused to snap a photo at the precise moment that YBS1694 star was overhead. Emmanuel = Matthew 1:23 = 8880 Greek gematria.

Grant had switched on the GPS at Ayres Rock airport and as he could not remember what I had told him i.e. leave it switched on, he turned it off and that was that, yet upon examination of the GPS I discovered that while in the off position the GPS had been recording from the 16th at 10:11 PM the day before he arrived. The name DAVID is found in the KJV1611 1011 occasions or as a date 10:11 is October 11th my mothers birthday. The name David = 3168. What this tells me is that it did not matter what Grant did, nor was it necessary for the GPS to have been at Ayres Rock at all, the point was that Grant was in possession of the GPS and camera and that it was switched off for almost all of the time the GPS was in his possession, his photo of Ayres Rock bares witness therefore he then is a witness to what occurred.

The GPS was in fact tracking while switched off, that is if we examine the downloaded information, an expert would have to say it was in the area 1101 kilometers north on the day before he arrived on the 17th, the GPS the 16th at 10:11 PM. This cannot be yet it is and had been recording from a day before the trip laying out a specific configuration on


Sun 4/10/05 11:19 PM

I must admit it is a full on concentration of my mind to trace and examine

every aspect of it and leaves me exhausted. The latest is the odd change of dates concerning the marriage of the beast Charles, his date of marriage was changed from Friday, the Satanic Sabbath toSaturday the Sabbath due to the demise of the pope, which is to do with what we have been shown at Ayres Rock. Charles is 4.84 years younger than I, the 848 feet being the height of the pyramid with capstone in place, the head of the corner. Charles was 20602 days old on the Saturday, the 206 is the head of the corner,

-[ Greek Dictionary ] 206. akron {ak’-ron}; neuter of an adj. probably akin to the base of 188; the extremity: -one end…other, tip, top, uttermost participle In Hebrew months of 30 days he was 686.73′ months and we have the Mars number in days. Mars at this moment was in Capricorn my birth sign therefore he is attempting to be Christ being in line for the throne whichis held by the monarch for Christ. Mars than passed closest to the Earthsince creation on August 28th 2003, which was 590 days prior, and Charlesbeing 20602 days in Hebrew months the Mars number we divide the 590 days by30 and we have 19.66′ months.

Greek Dictionary 966. epiousa {ep-ee-oo’-sah}; feminine singular participle

of a comparative of 1909 and heimi (to go); supervening, i.e. (2250 or 3571being expressed or implied) the ensuing day or night: -following, next.we see then that his marriage was moved by the death of the Pope.

[ISA 14:12]- How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!


art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

[ LUCIFER Hebrew Dictionary ]- 1966. heylel {hay-lale’}; from 1984 (in

the sense of brightness); themorning-star: -lucifer.

Charles is Lucifer.


Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 11:16 AM

Subject: RE: Ayres & GPS

 Dear Brian,

The GPS and Ayers Rock miracle are leading us to a place in time where we will discover an undeniable signature of God. As I attempt to explain its like looking at a wall with

writingon it that is indecipherable. That is the interpretation of the feeling of the whole experience. The key is the understanding to the cipher and when revealed the mystery of God will be revealed. This is like one of the seals of the scroll. Something sealed cannot be understood until the seal is removed. Once removed then what was hidden becomes evident.

Its all building up to something very great.

Untilyou uncover something very specific all will remain a mystery.

Love and Peace



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