Brian Marshall says Satan has many faces, Hitler was one, the NAZI another etc in 2003

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It was the Jews who loved G-d that were chosen to bring the word of G-d to the world. Their bible predicts an end to biblical time known by most as Armageddon. At that time when the Jews are about to be destroyed, the Messiah David, will deliver them and together they will form a world government.

Modern Jews argue about many things, some disregard Jesus as the devil, some say he was insane, some say he was a Zealot who found himself set upon by Romans and nailed to a cross, some say he was the Saviour, some say he was the king of the Jews, some say he was Christ, but although they disagree, they do have one thing in common, they worship Jehovah the G-d of Abraham their father.


Fact, The power behind the world Governments today, is LUCIFER. Its kingdom is occult, a secret hidden elite at the top. Primarily the power lies within Judao-Freemasonry. The elite behind Freemasonry call themselves Jews but are not. They are Lucifer worshipping Jews who have taken over the world’s banking and all world commerce.

Fact, The Lucifer worshipping Satanic Rothschild family evolved out of the Mayer family name in Europe. It invented the name Rothschild from the German Red Shield. The name became a banking dynasty that controls 55% of the worlds wealth. There are at least 13 European families connected by marriage that make up their government.

Fact, It was a Lord Rothschild who gained an agreement with the British in 1917, November 2nd. The agreement was a trade of sorts, an assurance that Palestine would be made available to the ‘Jews’ for a future homeland.

Fact, The deal was that the money required to finance the bond issue in the United States, supplying a guarantee backing the industrial giants to manufacture weapons of war, allowing the USA to enter WWI defeat Germany and save England.

Money according to Jesus, is the root of all evil, it had caused the war then used as a tool to finance the bond issue to bring the United States into WWI and ‘save’ England from defeat, convincing the masses to obey.

This is known as the Balfour agreement.

THE Jews in Europe were not under threat they enjoyed prosperity and went about their daily lives worshipping Yahweh.

Fact, Above them working behind big business was the Rothschild dynasty. Their next move was to create WWII, and establish a reason for the Jews of Europe to want a homeland.

The lunatic Hitler was maneuvered to power. Had it not been Hitler it would have been some other fool. His hatred for ‘Jews’ was unjustified as it was what the big business moguls had done to Germany prior to the war that was to blame. This caused Hitler to mistakenly target the average Jewish family as the cause. Hitler offered the allies the opportunity to take all of the Jews from Europe, but this was refused.

The Rothschild plan was slowly closing in on Yahweh’s Jews, time was running out, for biblical prophecy calls for the gathering of Jews to Palestine to endure Armageddon.

The Balfour agreement was set to bring about the state of Israel and the second world war, Hitler and the Holocaust was in place to exterminate and terrorize all Jews to leave Europe and flee to Palestine, the Jewish homeland a refuge or a place of destruction, Israel.

Satan has many faces, Hitler was one, the NAZI another, Stalin yet another. Today it is Bush and the USA overall, who are about to invade Iraq, February 1st – 2nd 2003. Today’s date is 06/01/2003 02:32:31 Melbourne Australia.

February 1st – 2nd is a ‘high’ satanic date, and the moon is in a perfect position to launch an attack against Baghdad. Saddam knows what the plan is, the British and USA alliance plan to will sweep through the Middle East. The plan is to cause a ‘response’ to a germ warfare threat of attack by ‘Muslim Extremists.’

It is the USA and its covert government, the CIA, [Skull and Bonesmen] that will set the scene to cause public opinion to fall in behind what ever Bush does militarily, even the ‘limited’ use of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
It is likely that germ warfare will be used against Israel and a nuclear response against Iraq. After all it is the oil that is the point and it is far below ground and will not be affected by radiation and no nation will risk resisting the USA.

Today the CIA rules supreme, it a Satanic cult that sprang out of the Skull and Bones society of Yale University. The CIA has one allegiance, itself a secret covert government within the government of the United States.

The Bush family has been exposed as the banking connection that financed Hitler, the former president was head of the CIA. Like his son, both are Yale men and members of the Satanic Skull and Bones. Insane.

It matters not that the Jews argue about Jesus, most against, some for, it is what Lucifer has achieved in the last 4 millenniums that is the point, Controlled confusion of the masses.


Overall Jews are waiting to be saved from the rising tide of anti-Semitism world wide. Their Messiah must be a genetic descent of king David, according to the book of Isaiah. Prophecy predicts that this man will liberate them and lead them to world power.

He will defeat Lucifer and establish a world government supported by 144,000 righteous Jews. This is an absolute certainty for the man they seek will have been made known to the Christian world, but rejected him.

Jewish prophecy reveals that the ‘Lord’ the resurrected David, crushes the nations like a man treading a winfat, his ‘white’ garments of resurrection, was seen in a vision by the prophet Isaiah. He saw the Lord David walking from the Western nations, he described as Bozrah, walking along, angry and wondering if there were anyone alive worth saving. This is found in Isaiah 63:1-7.

The mentality of the Lord shows us that he is a man, born a king, unable to find anyone who would help him. The weapon he deploys is the sword from the mouth, a two edged sword, one of the prophecies of the man who died on the cross, and the other the resurrected genetic line of David.

Here is such a man in Australia. Born to overcome, alone as a child without a single priest to educate him, relying entirely on His Father in heaven who resides within him, prompting him from childhood to seek righteousness.

He was raised by parents who knew nothing of their genetics, and by their ignorance and stupidity rejected his truth. It was the same with all he uncounted. Yet without this constant life long ridicule and rejection, prophecy would not be complete. The rejected capstone.

His life experiences witnessed to him the difficulties that he would encounter when standing up as the Prince of Jews, Michael.
By 1997, the internet had blossom, evolving faster than the technology to control it, leaving the ever prying eyes of Lucifers CIA to fail in its attempts to monitor and control him.
They had learned first hand of his immortality after failing to kill him.

yet to come are a handful of Jews who will also resurrect.
What will occur when the Lucifer control of world media is arrested, and Jewish reporters released from bondage, allowed to report the truth via a free world press? The Internet is the only means whereby a small window exists to spread the Good News, their Messiah is with them, a man that has a divine truth written within his birth. A truth no scientist, mathematician, Rabbi or astronomer can deny. A truth that the prophesized 144,000 Jews from the nations will make known to the world and convince the Christian masses that Saul was the devil, who will slowly accept the prophecies of Jesus that all churches will be destroyed and the righteous Jews will rule the world with David their King.

It is just a matter of time before it will be all over for Lucifer, and the Jews will have done it.

The sword from their mouth will strike.

This is why the Jews are so dangerous to Lucifer and its world order,
it is Prophecy.
Lucifer knows that at any moment the Jews could discover that their long awaited Messiah has been born and awaits their awakening, it must happen. David has been established by Yahweh, and he has sprung a trap by simply walking upon the air, words transmitted around the world that only Yahweh could have accomplished. This is why, like you, this man is alive today, a man who has spent years shouting in the wilderness, where his voice was not heard, Christianity.

This man, the Jewish Messiah, stands before Israel’s war lords, demanding that they stop their atrocities against the Palestinians. He urges the Muslims not to be provoked and resist ‘retaliation’ as it is all set up to sway public opinion against the righteous Jewish general public of the world.
He has encouraged Saddam Hussein to disarm absolutely and open his doors to the west, show the world he desires peace and repent.

He has informed Christians and Muslims that they are a tool manipulated by Lucifer’s demons, who have gathered the remnant of the Holocaust to Israel to be exterminated entirely from off the face of the earth for the sole purpose of eliminating the predicted kingdom of G-d.


HIS Name is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. He was born in Sydney Australia on January 11th 1944 at 2:22 AM.

His mother, a direct descendant of King William I. the Lion the king of Scotland and from William I. the Conqueror, King of England.

His father Reginald Michael Marshall is likewise descended from the same line of kings as well as the Irish line of kings via his mother Alice Molony.

Jewish people may not be aware that the royal line of David was taken to Torah [Tara], a royal gathering of Judah in Ireland, 583 BC. The coming of the prophet Jeremiah with the royal children of Zedekiah, is fact, well recorded in Irish history.

If Jewish people independently investigate Irish history, they will discover that it is almost obliterated, but remains just the same.

The blotting out of Jewish Ireland has been caused by Freemasonry. Its scholars have covered over the truth with wonderfully concocted half-truths and blatant invention.

The reality is the Jews who dwelled within the ten tribes of Israel, were scattered in 722 BC. The holy places were invaded by a half breed Idumian priesthood, that came to dominate the temple when they formed an alliance with Rome, 153 BC.

Jesus emerged, he an Essene, and stood up against them. Then in 70 AD, Rome returned to destroy Jerusalem.

When investigation truth, Jews must be careful to determine who controlled what and where their investigations cross paths with scholars schooled in ‘accredited’ universities, Oxford, Cambridge and the like, breeding grounds for Freemason sanctioned scholars.

One could say the footprints of history have been eradicated by the hidden Lucifer dominated intellectual Mafia.

1) The reason, to defeat prophecy.
2) The Jews are prophesized that they will suddenly recognize their Messiah and be saved to positions of world power, forming a righteousness world government.

3) They must have the means to convince the Christian world that their Messiah is one and the same.

4) These Jews ‘must’ be gathered from the Gentile nations. Many Jews say that these 12 tribes of Israel are no more? Yet it is the Jews themselves who dwell within them identifies the same nations.

5) The Jews must be made aware that Judah became custodians of Israel after one ‘stick’, northern 10 tribes were scattered in 722 BC.

6) All Jews of Judah no matter where they were and what nations that they would eventually live within, are part of that inheritance, for by religion they are custodians of Israel, who dwell within the former Northern lost tribes of Israel.

7) They will discover that the royal family of Ireland is the genetic line of Judah. It was established at the time of the Exodus, then Jeremiah escorted the daughters of King Zedekiah away from Jerusalem in 583 BC. Their farther king Zedekiah had been taken captive and murdered by Nebuchadnezzar when his army took Jerusalem in 586 BC.

8) Saddam Hussein believes he is Nebuchadnezzar and must repent.
9) these ancient and now present events are facts that can not be denied.
And so it is that these events have kept the promise of G-d true to his word, that a descendant of David would always sit upon an existing throne, England and that it would exist when the true king genetically, would emerge to demand his throne and transfer it to Jerusalem, satisfying Jewish prophecy today.

This has occurred, yet the world Media remains mute, as Lucifer chosen controls it. The truth will set the Jews free.


A Battle has raged between Shiloh and the Lucifer organizations. He has stood up and presented undeniable proof he is the Messiah. Not only is he the most royal man alive, they cannot kill him.

From Lucifer’s point of view, He is the most dangerous man alive.
He is an Australian Jew.


The (Jewish) Rothschild dynasty owns 55% of the world’s wealth. THE Rothschild Jews were formerly named Mayer. THE word Rothschild means ‘Red Shield’ in German. Shield of blood.

THE MAYER Jews became the Rothschild family. They adopted Satanism in the 17th century.


It is irrelevant if you the reader, believes in God or not, the point is, those who control the world do, and it is Lucifer.
The rest of us simply argue the point while they get on with murder and Mayhem world wide, causing famines, diseases via inoculations for the ‘betterment’ of mankind, when it is worse than wolves in sheep’s clothing, and we can not deny this is what Jesus said 2000 years ago.

The Jews are simply representative of the truth of Jehovah, who chose them as his people, and false Jews who claim to be the chosen, of Lucifer.

The true Jews will denounce Lucifer as a fallen angel who claims to be equal to Jehovah revealing the Messiah Genesis 49:10.
This is the reason the Jews are the elect.
See proof of David Page 2


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But in the past few years Brian Marshall and Janelle Furruer his girlfriend AKA Yahweh and Asherah have be singing the Praises of Hitler calling him a Saint! Then saying in a comment on youtube how he was laughing about all the shit he stirred up over Hilter and the KKK!


Hitler Was A Saint

Andr0idThePoeton Feb 6, 2012
Well, according to Brian ‘Yahweh’ Marshall, he was.
(Music by Kevin MacLeod)



Brianology and the KKK (brian is yahweh cult) – by roblesterfilms

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Brian and his new friends (THE KKK)

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The batshit adventures of b ron marshall and his new super best friends the kkk



Excerpts made by Brian and janelles own vids, has now been deleted by youtube for hate speech


Perversion: Brian Gloating As you know the KKK and Hitler caused a sensation I am still laughing about that one.

what is people who have near death experience are seeing when they say they saw hell while others saw heaven are they being decived or? not

Brianisyahweh4 in reply to isis144
HI love what yer doin.. going around the nation on trains. I as you know, get burried in putting it all together then drop a bomb. As you know the KKK and Hitler caused a sensation I am still laughing about that one.. At the moment I am deeply in focus mode i even forget wot i did? yesterday, in the moment so to speak, its a memory perhaps like a migrating flock knows by instinkt where it was born.. so if I appear suprised at your daily struggle spreading the truth, I am, Love ya very proud of u

LisaMarieWonders in reply to Brianisyahweh4
your so into yourself, losing your train of thought, you forgot to, answer his question

Brianisyahweh4 in reply to LisaMarieWonders


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